Team Management

The largest financial/emotional investment a dentist makes in the practice is in personnel.

Fact 1: The average dental employee’s length of employment is 14 months – Each new hire costs an employer one year’s salary.

Fact 2: Jenny’s experience finds most dentists are legally non-compliant in personnel management- and thus vulnerable to lawsuits, audits and fines.

How do I know if I am a good Employer/Manager?

  1. Do I retain staff well or have high turnover?
  2. Do I conduct productive staff meetings or finish each one with ‘let me think about it’?
  3. Does my team find me approachable and open to input?
  4. Do I conduct performance reviews? If so, are they effective?
  5. Am I current with HR laws and employer responsibilities?

Team Management has 3 specific goals

Hire quality staff for Retention – Easy to say, hard to do

Manage for Harmony & Loyalty

Be Proactive in handling personnel issues

Team Management is built on the concept that:

  1. Every successful dentist is entitled to a supportive team!
  2. Proactive staff management reduces staff miscommunication
  3. Going to the office should be fun for all!