Patient Management

Patients use the most surprising methods to judge both physicians and dentists. It is therefore essential that dental practices look at every aspect of their business from the patients’ point of view.

How do patients judge a dentist?

  1. Does the Doctor take time to explain treatment options and answer questions?
  2. Can the patient be seen quickly in case of an emergency?
  3. Does the practice run on time or is it routinely running late?
  4. Is the patient informed of financial responsibility prior to treatment?
  5. Does the practice make dental insurance involvement easy for the patient or not?
  6. Is practice clear on financial expectations or are there many miscommunications?
  7. How do staff behave toward the patient, Doctor, & each other?
  8. Is the Doctor aware of latest research and techniques and are they utilized?
  9. What is the gut feeling the patient has toward the Doctor, staff & practice overall?

Patient Management programs have 2 specific goals;

Provide the dentist and team with:

  1. Tools, techniques and structure to build and support a referral practice. A referred patient has bought in before they walk through the door-a dentist’s favorite patient! A referred patient says ‘I’ve heard Doctor is wonderful, I need the work, let’s go ahead’. It does not get any better than this.
  2. Superior verbal and written communication to elevate the patient/practice relationship to a personalized level, which makes the idea of going to another practice unthinkable.

Patient Management programs are built on the concept that:

  1. A referred patients have ‘bought’ before they arrive
  2. ‘The inform before you perform – no surprises’ approach builds patient confidence and trust
  3. Patients truly appreciate the practice that runs on time