Business Management

Few dental schools include quality in-depth business training. Money does not come with instructions. Dentists who accept their business responsibility find that it wholly supports the ability to offer great clinical services.

Is my business vulnerable in its management?

  1. Is the person doing my accounting/taxes (myself, spouse, CPA, etc) proactive?
  2. Do I & my staff utilize our software program to its fullest potential? Are we trained on how to do so?
  3. Am I at risk for embezzlement or arethe necessary monitors to prevent it?
  4. Do I operate on a standard Profit & Loss model or have I customized it to reflect my practice’s true potential & limitations?
  5. Have I created financial & operational systems to ensure reliability and consistency? Does the office follow them strictly?
  6. Do I regularly re-evaluate the implications of dental insurance on my practice?

The JdSG Method for Business Management has 2 goals

Provide tools & systems to simplify management process

Managing a practice can seem like a daunting task. Those who apply a treatment planning mindset to running the business are most successful. A dentist wouldn’t spontaneously perform a procedure on a patient; everything is planned in advance, potential problems anticipated and follow up steps put in place. Similarly, Jenny’s straightforward & proven systems prevent many future headaches.

Teach a dentist to think like an MBA

Jenny acknowledges many dentists neither know how to or, sometimes, don’t even want to focus on the business side of the practice. By not taking a proactive approach, a dentist makes the practice extremely vulnerable. Jenny’s business programs pick up where dental school leaves off, teaching a dentist to think like an MBA minus 2 years of graduate school.

Business Management is built on the concept that-

  1. Clinical proficiency benefits from being supported by sound business standards
  2. Staff who is involved in back end of the business is more invested in its success
  3. Doctor/manager’s consistent Vital Signs Monitoring prevents long term problems