The JdSG Method

What is keeping you awake at night?

The JdSG Method acknowledges the complexities of managing a dental practice. In the corporate world, off-site training before ‘working in the trenches’ is standard. For most dentists and staff, ‘learning on the job’ has become the norm. This approach does not lend itself to deliver a structured, proactive and consistent approach to successful management and financial stability.

Jenny’s reputation has been built on delivering this unique approach over the 30+ years and five continents via her live seminars, webinars, and published articles As in any kind of business, regardless of the size or focus, all aspects of managing a dental practice fall into one of three specific areas/needs: Patient, Team, and Business Management


The JdSG Method addresses each area of management.

Patient Management focuses how to build patient relationships, communicate financially with patients, be in control of your schedule, and legal issues

Team Management teaches how to hire for retention, manage for harmony, and address issues promptly.

Business Management addresses how to start a new practice, work your business plan, and plan for practice transitions.

The JdSG Method’s each management program provides:

  1. A logical & proactive approach to create the best systems
  2. Practical solutions to handle the ‘what if’s’
  3. Instant answers to today’s hot management issues

“Thrive… don’t just survive!”