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Speaking Testimonials

I am the young man from Denmark, whose heart is beating faster after your lecture. I think it was for me an eye opener and the lecture that gave me the most to work with when I go back to my office. Thank you for your kind and direct way and charm. It, not was, but IS fantastic for me.

Gernot Laue, Denmark

The ‘Scheduling’ seminar was very instrumental in lowering stress in our office and helped motivate staff. We’ve tripled production and reduced workdays from 5 to 31/2. Getting patients to come in when we want is easy with the verbal skills you’ve taught us.

Richard Smith, DDS; Mrs. Mary Smith, Practice Administrator, Springfield, Oregon

I attended several of your lectures this weekend at the ESMD Congress in Luthiana and I found them extremely useful, innovating and interesting. There are several things I could already change in our practice management. For example: you told us to correct the assistant immediately on the spot when something was done wrong; that’s what I did, and it really works in terms of leadership, and so on. Thank you very much! Every dentist should attend one of your lectures.

Filip Calberson, Brussels, Belgium

Thank you for presenting another sensationally informative and motivating lecture. You are truly in a class all your own.

Scott Williams DDS, Grandview, Washington

Excellent program, to the point, well-structured and organized, with a superb handout. Well worth giving up a weekend for!

Darlington and Pawloski Ltd., Phoenix, Arizona

Aloha! Thank you so much for the seminar. I found it quite interesting and I’m eager to implement a lot for your ‘gems’. Your handouts are excellent and I am looking forward to using this additional information.

Kristi Chapman, Practice Administrator, Downtown Dental Associates, Hawaii Dental Convention

One of the best seminars I’ve had the good fortune to attend. Beautifully organized, and presented in such an interesting way that no one could possibly lose interest. I look forward to the next one.

Eugene Lindsey DDS, Los Angeles, California

Probably the most valuable presentation for the entire team we’ve attended in years. On our 1½ hour ride home, we were still enthusiastically discussing your ideas.

Samuel Feinstein, D.M.D., Bridgeton, New Jersey

I enjoyed your all-day session last week in Hawaii and found you to be very entertaining and informative THE WHOLE DAY. I did not come close to falling asleep and found the material to very useful. I hope to see you again in Hawaii!

Jackie Hanzawa, Director of Operations, Hawaii Dental Group

I had the privilege of attending your course at the Hawaii Dental Association meeting recently. I want to thank you for giving my staff & me so many wonderful principles in successful office management that we could bring back and start implementing. I particularly appreciate your gifting in oral communication. The examples you gave in using effective communication and word choice to proactively communicate with patients was priceless. I do not have any signs in my office, but you have certainly given us a new perspective on phone shoppers.

Mason A Savage, DDS, Honolulu, Hawaii

Your program was extremely popular. I’m still getting calls from society members who appreciated your expertise in the area of employment law. They also applauded the fact that you shared your first-hand experience with them. Perhaps we can do another longer seminar on this same subject. Thanks again for a well-thought-out, beautifully-delivered practice management course.

Valjean Xaiz, Executive Secretary, Fresno Madera Dental Society

Your seminars should be required for all dentists and their staffs. Leaving rejuvenated, I can’t wait to return to work, motivated to implement your suggestions immediately. Your quotes are posted all around my desk as constant reminders of your wisdom!

Rebecka Tucker, Practice Administrator, Westport, CT

Thank you for assisting me in making perhaps one of the most important purchases of the year for my new employer, Dr. Moss. The Scheduling Control Book binder and pages arrived last week. Dr. Moss approved, and authorized me to begin today using the system. I’m confident it will help us to achieve the production needed by our office to provide the goals set. Last Thursday I loaned some audio programs I had purchased two years ago of your presentations at the International Washington, D.C. meeting to Dr. Moss. Today he was listening to them and writing notes…many notes, and smiling. Tomorrow is our weekly management meeting…coincidence (?)… You may have another budding disciple for the Jennifer de St. Georges management principles. (I do refer to you as my patron saint of the dental and medical offices.)

Claudette Okrasinski, Colonial Beach, VA

I am not only a great fan of her common sense, practical approach to practice management but the humorous, light, entertaining style in which she presents it has always kept the attention of me and my staff. I cannot thank you enough for the practice guidance you have given me. The health and success of the eight-and-a-half month practice is a testimonial that what you preach works!

Paul W. Callahan, DDS, Sterling VA

Thanks for all the payroll and HR legal advice. It has been very frustrating, being in practice for all these years, without any guidance as to the legalities involved of being a personnel manager. I feel much better prepared now. I wish I had had this course before being audited, and subsequently fined, for not paying my staff within the law. Course was well worth my time!

Doctor from University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Webinar Testimonials

Great concise, informative webinar. It is always a pleasure to hear Jennifer speak and inform.

Tracy Shaughnessy, WA

Very good information and it is information that is easy enough to implement.

Maria Donnelly, MD

Very informative, & straight to the point. Enjoyed the presentation!

Melissa Coolidge, ME

This webinar was very informative. Our practice is already a Sesame member.

Julie LeBlanc, LA

Positive, no nonsense and ‘cut through the mustard’. A first time audience with Jennifer, and a great experience. Thank you!

Dr. Rodney David Hyduk, MI

Good and informative …

Ryad Mansour

I enjoyed the new concepts. Like she said owning the philosophy is a key and not ‘Just try’.

Debi Downing, WA

This was by far the best presentation I have heard. I have been to many seminars for continuing credits or just to see what is new with management and I learned more in this hour. Thank you.

Janelle Curcio, CA

Very informative.

Rachel Ray, KS

I have listened to Jennifer for years and she always brings up great points. We will be implementing the way to get away from ‘re-conf calls.’

Diane Ghilardi, CA

Excellent information as always! I was excited when I saw Jenny as the presenter. Thank you.

Debbie Baptista, CA

Great presentation! I can’t wait until I can display it to the rest of my team!

Krysta Savoy, NB

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