About JdSG

Jenny was climbing the corporate ladder when she married her husband, two weeks after he graduated from dental school. Thrown into a new practice on day one, she brought her solid corporate work experience, common sense and logic. Harnessing those tools, she took their practice from a struggling scratch practice to a practice which ran like a Rolls-Royce.

Jenny the Speaker

Background: Very disappointed with the level of information presented at the first management seminar she attended, she was inspired to book a hotel, mail a flyer and was thrilled, and overwhelmed, when 75 paying dentists and staff turned up. Inspired, she presented public seminars across the country for the next five years.

Dr James Pride, then assistant dean of San Francisco’s UOP School of Dentistry, hired her to speak for the school’s CE Program, and work with the final year dental students. Later, she was one of the four founder members of, what is known today as, the Pride Institute.

As her reputation grew, her bookings for the dental Association Conventions and Meetings speaking circuit took off. For several years, she was on the road for 220 days a year. In 1997, she sold her Consulting Division to Christene Bernharnt and her Speaking and Education Product Divisions to Sullivan Dental Supply Company, later acquired by Henry Schein Inc.

After her husband, Dr. David Tom’s death, she started her new company, JdSG International Inc, based in Menlo Park, California.

Currently: Jenny brings the same passion to the stage today as she first did all those years ago. She relishes her international speaking appearances where her non-use of Power Point and ability to handle questions on the spot is particularity appreciated.

With over 1,000 presentations across five continents, she enjoys being invited back by so many of the same Associations and Conferences. Her audiences maintain a solid core of repeat attendees who relish her bottom line, opinionated, problem solving approach speaking style in both solving current issues and teaching management skills from a pro-active approach.

Jenny the Educator

Jenny has always been sensitive to dentists and staff’s frustrations as they endeavor to implement material learnt in a live seminar while handling the day to day practice/patient responsibilities. For the past 25 years, her ‘Take Jenny Home” audio programs have helped thousands of Doctors/practices with implementation.

In 2013, Jenny is focused on replacing her audio programs (taped from a live event) with a more structured approach.  Each CD program will cover the basic foundation management needs of each subject. All CD programs will be supported by webinars which will build on the CD program with tips, techniques and solutions for how to implement the program and how to handle the ‘what if’s’ and hiccups of implementation.

Jenny the Author

Jenny brings her same personalized speaking style to her writing, which she loves. She has had over 300 published articles, in a wide range of subjects and in a variety of dental journals around the world. Before Dentistry Today recommitted to its clinical focus, her management articles were featured in it monthly for over three years. She is honored to have written the Guest Op-Ed feature for both Dentistry Today and Dental Town in 2012.